Gulf Stream



Drop the weapons in a pile

shed the skin of the past

there is peace to be found

between a rock and a hard place


there is a crack in between two rocks

a void within a universe

that is found through warm air

and ocean currents


An elderly woman wading

in bottle green seas

searching for Serpentine stones

on St Columbus Beach


Gulf Stream grasses

the sweetness of Paspalum on tongue

she hears ancestors laugh

in the corners of her ears


It is me she hears

hers is mine and I hers

these Ancestors of the future

and ghosts of the past



There’s a Raven

with a broken wing

and a limp

that lives in the depot


I see her most mornings

hopping between buses

as I head to unit 637


She follows the drivers

to the door of each bus

as they head silently to work


Like an unseen escort

bright in the sunshine

black and blue

and shiny




in the town house I live in now

there is a pool

sometimes I wear my hair out

when I swim

so  I can watch it swirling

and floating around my head

like serpents

i can see the shadows in the light

on the bottom of the pool

i wear cheap service station sunglasses

and do laps in them

sometimes I hold my breath

for a really long time

doing water handstands

feeling the buildup of air in my lungs

like an explosion

so I can feel the sweet relief

of expiration



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It’s hot

hot to trot

hot to the touch

feeling the heat

red hot

very warm

hot chip

It’s a smoke hazard


on fire


It’s like, combustible there


hot fuzz

fuzz wuzz

r e a l  h o t

fry an egg on it



bloody warm

hot and heavy

hottest on record

hot tomali

hot tomatoes

too hot to grow

going slow

sit up and take notes

kinda arrangement





love dog

love dog



I never would have guessed

that Edna would pull it together


after the snake bite

the Ratsak

chewing all the shoes

and eating the dining chairs leg by leg


everyone asks for her

they need her

Edna is a hero

she’s a legend


Edna is adored by many

she’s a love dog in a nursing home


I’m so proud of her

my Huckelberry friend

she’s my Moon River

tea rose

tea rose

tea rose



when it all falls away

all that’s left

is the beauty

of empty space

and the luxury

of thin air