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studio relocation drawing


very occasionally i like to draw, sometimes what comes out of it will be the transference into an etching. I like contour drawing directly from what i can see in front of me, through acetate. it all ends up a jumble, but gardens are often like that.


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lettuce crown

lettuce crown

escaping the scratching of chooks feet

surviving the wind

amongst the land of shivering ginger leaves

cloudy air and sharp knife edges

comes to our plate

the miracle of a tiny forest

and a lettuce heart

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sharing the veges


meditation near the harvest is essential…then find someone to share with. Making a Carmen Miranda hat is also part of the deal!


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inventive kids, what to do when the surf’s not working

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playing with the eggs

egg high rise

egg forest picture

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Joss scattering ash to bring up the alkalinity

Not long until the spring veges are planted, the soil is a little acid for most things, so the best way to raise the PH is scatter some ashes from the fire.

weather is getting warmer the chooks are laying

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