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seasonal transition

I got home from work starving and raided the garden for some veges, i was surprised at what was still growing from the winter crops, broad beans, peas, sugarloaf cabbage, a couple of carrots, some early coriander, and two eggs from the sopranos…thanks girls. there is plentiful silverbeet and Im giving it away to friends.


Jess and rainbow chard


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more seedlings

assorted beans

more seedlings

all the beans are up and running….the seeds are growing happily into seedlings in the little hot house: tomatoes, black and yellow zucchini, corn, beetroots, pak choi and silverbeet. I planted them all this morning, the last of the broccoli is starting to flower in the garden, purple king beans are coming up on their own from last season and the tomato seeds are in, Im waiting patiently for them to pop up and grow up the trellis.

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spring planting

cucumber, pak choy, beetroot ready to plant

the seeds i bought from Eden seeds have begun to shoot upwards in the seed trays and are ready for planting.

harvey helping prepare the soil beds

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another farm visit

I shambled over to Pete and Wendi’s farm first thing sunday morning on Father’s day, happy people, abundant everything and prize winning carrots! they have netted their garden against birds and hares, with great results. Thanks for the visit 🙂

happy people Wendi and Ulla

red brunswick onions

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new art materials

my latest art materials

I am going for gold and claiming our latest order of seeds as art materials from my research masters art materials stipend….yay.

seeds for spring

I am particularly interested in Patrick Jones’ work. He is part of the group ‘Artist as family’ who created an urban “Food Forest” in Surrey Hills Sydney. Its creation was a reaction to the arts as another polluting, unsustainable industry that produces excessive waste and squanders resources under the banner of liberal growth capital. The group asks how best to transition to art that gives back to the land base it has taken from, and renew the microbial life it has destroyed through the modes of its production.                                                                                                               ( Jones , cited in ‘trouble’ august 2010, p. 64)

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farm visit

I went to visit an amazing local garden here on the mountain this week. Ecco farm. Bonnie showed me through the garden which now supplies her family with 100% of their vegetable needs. wow.

Bonnie was kind enough to give me her planting chart, which is brilliant because its pretty much the same climate as the Bower here, so i can use a more methodical approach to planting with the help of her chart.

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