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jack was onto something

blue lakes, purple kings

the beans are thriving, and i am loving cooking with them and eating them in salads.

i often think about the story ‘jack and the beanstalk’…heading off to sell the cow at the markets, coming back with the beans, mum chucking them out the window and those magic beans taking root and growing up into the clouds, where there was a giant and the goose that laid the golden eggs.

i often wonder if the giant is actually a multi national corporation, hell bent on patenting all the seed for world dominance? if jack’s beans are non hybrid purple kings? and if the goose that laid the golden eggs is like our faithful reliable leghorns? maybe the whole story is a lesson to be learned about where the real wealth lies? i’ll take the beans any day.


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pesto manifesto



in all this rain, its a good time to experiment with some cooking type activities. today was a pesto momento. with some local basil, i added some mint, and lemon balm, in this pic you can see chocolate mint, then add parmesan cheese, some garlic, olive oil and some nuts, you can try a combo of anything you might have like walnuts, maccas or the traditional type pine nut taste. here i’ve included some maccas that we grow here from a grand old tree. then wizz up in a blender or if you don’t have one, you can use a mortar and pestle, you may want to add some decent salt as well if you are the salty kind, i really like the ground up celtic salt. the result is a tangy lemony type treat, full of goodness and greenery to add to pasta, spread on toast with tomato, or lettuce or just a sneaky spoonful here and there.

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‘entering a garden is like passing through a mystical gate.Things are not the same on the other side, in the interior where nature has been arranged, whether formally or casually, to suggest to our senses and our subliminal imagination a midrealm somewhere between the conscious, known world of ordinary life and the less conscious, mystery world of the garden.’

Thomas Moore, from ‘the re-enchantment of everyday life’ p97


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what i miss

living in a high- rise:

The occasional fidgeting of  trees

rattling their leaves

to make me think

it’s rain.

Yong Shu Hoong- ‘frottage’

the rain continues and im sitting here in a jumper and beanie. yesterday after work i went over to the garden to have a look after not having seen it in a week or so, and its all STILL growing…yay!. a few things have not coped with so much water but most of it is great, luckily i took a bowl with me and harvested a few things for the next few days. there are beans everywhere-blue lake, purple king and tongue of fire, beetroot, lettuce, asian greens, all sorts of yummy stuff.

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