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some words and a pic

Mack with a bowl of seeds


Ploughing my way through

‘A Thousand Plateaus’


I watch a leech slide up the studio window


Too much reading on Nihilism and Rhizome theory

has led me to staring at pumpkin flowers

and dissection of  apple seeds

looking for hope regained


My last fling with fossil fuels

I ride the Bonne up to Brissie in the heat

past a million white lines and cobblers pegs

to plant some Rosa Bianca’s


The ‘Noir des Calmes’, is growing

Warm in a doona of cane trash

I hammer in the trellis

And sing a song about dancing queens


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french melons

Noir des Calmes


I have started doing a workshop with Linda Brennan (ecobotanica) about growing and saving seed from Heirloom veges, (its fabulous and a link to  Linda’s website can be found on the right) today from the workshop i bought home a French melon called ‘Noir des Calmes’, which for up here may be a little late in the season to fruit, but ill give it a go. i have planted it in the front garden as it is the sunniest spot on the property and im thinking it needs to be as warm as possible, so its in there with the flowers and mish mash of the front garden. fingers crossed we get some fruit and some seeds to save and share.

We have also been building up a fragrant garden out the front of the studio, we got some bricks from a friend who had pulled out his brick outside oven for the edges, the paper is from an office up here that shreds its paper and then hands the bags to us for mulch…. some cane trash, the path is chips from a black wattle that came down in a storm, and we add a whole lot of manures, its going to have some roses and other fragrant flowers in there, we’re going slowly so as not to get to a point and realise we can’t manage what we have planted, so slowly slowly

the fragrant garden is a place to rest and contemplate, sniff the roses and say hi to Shiva. in the background you can see the superstar choko vine


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holy pumpkin batman

the garden is a sea of pumpkin, rockmelon, and honey dew vines, Gerome the gnome is doing well to keep his head above it all, I did manage to find some salad greens, tomatoes and a couple of giant zucchinis in amongst the vines. some stuffed zucchini will make a welcome change from beans! i am constantly reminded that no matter how well i plan the garden, it does have a life of its own and will just grow its own way and completely ignore any plans i may have had for it!

in the meantime…roll out the red carpet for the choko….its strutting its stuff

you may remember the choko i was given that i planted in september on the front verandah, well now its ready to pick a couple of chokos to eat, yay, i am fond of chokos, despite the bad rap they seem to get, they are strong, hardy and a reliable source of something yummy to add to a stir fry, and the passionfruit vine has grown some fruit as well, it survived the chewing the dog gave it as it grew up the post on the verandah.

choko in september

choko in february


and three cheers for Harvey who is recovering well from a goanna attack three weeks ago!

harvey in the kitchen socialising


Agnes Denes’s  work i have been admiring for some time now, her artistic works include: Wheatfield  – a confrontation, Battery Park Landfill. 1982, and Tree Mountain-proposal for a forest, 10,000 trees, 1983

Agnes had this to say ;

‘The paradoxes of our existence: alienation in togetherness, uniformity in specialisation, illusions of freedom in group mentality, ignorance in the midst of information overload, greed in the face of neglect. It is comparable to going into the ice age and the heat wave of the greenhouse effect simultaneously.’ ‘Agnes Denes, Book of Dust 1989.


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