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home grown

home grown

here’s dinner right here. butternut pumpkin, warrigal greens, mushroom plant, basil, mint, rainbow chard and a tray of mizuna i have been growing on the kitchen bench to trim as micro greens. as time goes on i am seeing more and more the importance of trying to grow all different sorts of things all over the place, in spaces large and small. it doesn’t take much space to grow stuff, be it in the ground, a patio in tubs, straight into a bag of organic potting mix or an old boot!

here’s some inspiring writing:

The first step towards preserving the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community is to eat only good, fresh, local, organic and delicious food every day, every week, every month and every year. However busy we may be, if we have no time for gardening, cooking and eating together with our family, friends and guests, then we have no time to live, no time to preserve the beauty of the planet (Kumar, cited in Resurgence, March/April, 2010. p, 3).


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inspiring teachers

i have just extended out the front garden and planted out along the driveway with lemongrass i got from eden seeds, traded for one of our pumpkins! and some lavender, i sourced from our own garden here. i have had a happy time and a bit of time to think.

its a love garden!

candlenut tree in foreground and lemongrass and lavender driveway

I recently read an article by an adult educator called Mike Newman, the article was called ‘throwing out the balance with the bathwater’. since i read it i can’t stop thinking about how pertinent it is

‘Life, a lot of it, is like an unspecified ache, a want we cannot define, an unrequited yearning, an existential angst. the future is an empty (and daunting) space that we can fill in any way we want. We want to fill the space, we have the desire, but we do not have a reason’

‘Our purpose in working in adult education at any of the levels, meta or otherwise, is to help people quiet their angst and so liberate them from their own inactivity. It is to help them identify and understand their unrequited yearning, and to help them act in order to satisfy that yearning, it is to help them give an object, an objective to their desire’

‘I see the jettisoning of the concept of balance as a good thing. Life is too short always to put the other argument, to be objective, or to be academically detached.’

‘We, and we alone, become responsible for constructing our own purpose, our own meaning, and our own morality’

Newman, Michael (2006) ‘Throwing out the balance with the bathwater’, the encyclopaedia of informal education, http://www.infed.org/

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relationship ecology

Written in ancient script

In an antique book

Our languages the same

We found the knot

Gracefully sitting at centre

Fertile as a vine

How fragile the knot was

As we pulled it

together we dissolved

Like dust we scatter

Fragrant as frankincense

Light as a million particles

Under the illusions of this human existence

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good stuff

‘if you have courage you don’t need respectability’

the Beechmont markets were on today, a teeny tiny market, with a sausage sizzle in support of the school, a second hand book stall, some veges and craft and a secondhand bric a brac with small trees for sale. i love the markets, its always a lovely time to catch up with folks and very worthwhile supporting. when i came home i noticed this huge squash growing in the front garden, might have it for lunch.

a local couple at the markets were giving away a whole heap of ornamental plants and a dragon fruit plant, i was in the right place at the right time.

small, local, slow, its fabulous.

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inspiring artist-Agnes Denes

tidal times

‘studies of time’

‘Absolute time, mathematical time, subjective, objective time, perceptual or conceptual time…it is as ephemeral as a puff of smoke. Time is a passing train, a blink of an eye. It is the sun ducking behind the horizon, it is being late for a date, it is being born and dying. Time is and is not. One thing seems sure, it definitely kills us. Perhaps one day we will gain a less tenuous understanding of this mysterious medium that seems to govern us and the universe.’

Agnes Denes, book of dust, p 108.


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any time?

fizz fruit

Markers of time

If I eat this fruit too fast

It will make my tongue fizz

I need to wait

For the right time


I seem to be time keeping


Not much time left now

Game is running into over time

Time waits for no- one

when you are busy busy


time is money (?)


What do I do when I realize

Time has run out

and there’s none left, to grab a wheel chair

And make a run for it ?


I would like my last expiration

to be as that of the call of a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo


If I hold my breath, will my heart beat slow down?

I I tap my fingers on this wooden table

will it make the strawberries grow faster?


If I take the time


To get to know every scar on your body

And hear the stories of where they came from


Will I be late for my next job interview?

buying time

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mysterious family heirlooms 5

Mysterious Family Heirlooms

I smell you on the breeze

That eases its way up the hill from Bondi

Jasmine perfume and salt water


A twist around my neck from a strangers’ hands

Hot on the beads, inquiring

‘Where are these from?’


Clip on earrings and a brush

Sit in my cupboard

a mystery


a pod full of beans, a definite taste

Watch them as I did

Climb a trellis in a time warp


Past present future

My golden haired boys

Mysterious family heirlooms


My handful of seeds

mysterious family heirlooms 1

mysterious family heirlooms 2

mysterious family heirlooms 3

mysterious family heirlooms 4

mysterious family heirlooms 5

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