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I remember watching someone

peel an apple

a Pink Lady

I can’t recall who it was

But they were nimble fingered

Using a potato peeler


I was talking to them as they peeled

the whiteness of the apple

visible to me as I spoke

I was mesmerized by the hands

Peeling the apple

the apple and me, me and the peel

dry point etching

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happiness is…

look what i found in the front garden this morning! Wendi from next door and i were checking out the sweet potato vine in the garden and we uncovered this little gem, and many more in various states of growth. i love the sweet potato vine, it produces food, acts as a ground cover and stops the weeds, and is REALLY easy to grow.

see ya later sweet potata

as the weather gets cooler, i am surprised to find the tamarillo flowering and the paw paw as well, though i think the paw paw has left its run too late and there will be green paw paw salad on our plates, the roses are powering and the broad beans are on their way in the new zone 1 garden space

paw paw

tamarillo flowers

broad beans

climbing tea roses

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a letter to mum

i have decided to integrate the formal vege garden with the front gardens, the netted vege garden is currently in zone 2  in permaculture principles, so im am slowly moving into zone 1. i have moved the asparagus, raspberry canes, comfrey for mulch, soaked and sown seeds, covered and mulched the lawn that was hit hard by lawn grub this year, into all this i have added marigold seeds, aloe vera, gardenia, and many other flowers. im thinking if i hide the veges amongst the flowers it may trick the vege eating critters that come around at night! so for mum, who i think is a bit shocked at what i have done to the lawn since she has been away, these pics are to look at how fabulous its all looking, and don’t worry i haven’t planted anything too close to the house uprights (for termites) , hugs xo

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