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Our Virgin rose

cry of amazement
watching the birth

scream of joy
watching the unfurling

intake of breath
Presenting full glory

gentle sigh
The stains appear

Delicately falling

Inevitable states of being
I give thanks
reminders of time



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its a great time of year now in the garden. the last of the winter veges are still there, and ive just planted some new seeds for the coming months. the purple potatoes i dug up by accident while making some room for the rockmelons. some words fromCate Kennedy’s book ‘the taste of river water’ that was given to me by a dear friend

‘..every hour you have ever spent learning language

has been for this, and nothing more:

to pronounce the simple words you need

perfectly and comprehensively, across the swell”

from ‘almost drowning’ p 12

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