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new images from the Life raft series

‘saving seeds might not seem much of a revolutionary act but, in a world increasingly dominated by corporate power, swapping my Lazy Housewife French beans for some exotic yellow tomato seed really does feel like you are sticking two green fingers up to those who control the worlds food chain’ (Suzanne Hanna (2008) ‘the fine art of saving seed’) 

c d e f f


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new works

Finally I have come up with some new work, the garden is really swinging at the moment in the heat of summer and lots is going to seed: the coriander and silver beet amongst many other plants. I have been pondering birth, death and renewal in the garden and as a human species. Friends visiting for breakfast this morning inspired me to post some more works, so here we are. this new series of works is titled Life raft , a  simple title for the role that non GMO plants may play in our survival.

life raft 1

life raft 2

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