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Tea House

road shoe


Do not disassemble

the words on the crank

spied in the long shadows of an

early morning clip in ride

Devil’s Cut

A high heel

Hungry Jacks wrappers

And a rusted car wreck

Grass the height

Of the Q1

As beside me I watch the peel

of the city fall away

I hear the shuffling of feet

Heart murmurs on the tea House Hill

Over ‘You Crazy Diamond’

Syd Barrett what happened to you?

Some days the roads are endless

Sometimes the bitumen is quick

Some times George’s green letterbox flies by

and the mossy spot on the downhill is slick

Some days, some words, is all it would take

for me to hear and know

and not be lost

on the next long incline

cold breath

cold breath



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I was stung by a bee on my morning ride today, an interesting thing happened… (unfortunately the bee passed away) it left its stinger in my arm and as I brushed it out I could feel the pain starting. There was nothing for me to do as I has left my lavender oil on the kitchen bench, and I was in the middle of nowhere, so I kept riding. I waited for the anaphylaxis, due to my increased heart rate, but none started, and the pain went away pretty much immediately. Very curious. I am noticing many changes in my physiology now I am training consistently. I have a clearer mind, better focus, more energy and patience, particularly at work.

beechmont lookout 6.00am

beechmont lookout 6.00am

I am training for a particularly challenging event. I’m taking it on as an arts project. Art/sport/science: can it be all joined and made useful in its mesh? We shall see. My PhD project was about art/gardening and I believe the two mediums are symbiotic in nature, one feeding the other and as time goes on there is no doubt in my mind that the Art world has embraced the concept of food and gardening and food foraging as a valid medium, due to more committed artists than myself including Artist as Family, Janet Laurence, Fiona Hall and many others. We are all as humans intimately connected to all things, scientifically and mathematically indisputable.

lotus(images and words by Gyorgy Doczi. ‘The power of Limits’ Shambhala Publications 1981)

The event I have chosen is so far on the edge of my capabilities it’s nearly not doable. I am seeking the journey of what processes I go through as I train, what the repetition of pedaling, breathing techniques and riding to 432HZ music brings forth in my consciousness, and what artworks I produce from the process, already I am hearing EMILY XYZ  poetry in my memory as I ride. As an artist I would like to see what happens to me as I submit and push myself through training boundaries to a place of meditation as I ride up a 18% incline to the Binna Burra Teahouse hill and how I change as the event draws closer. I am reminded of Mike Parr’s many many self portraits (repetition) and sitting through the pain of sewing his lips together (endurance).

the view at 6.00am beechy rd

the view at 6.00am beechy rd


I am using this as a visual diary, and any artworks that I produce I will put up here on the blog, perhaps someone may find it interesting. At the very least, it will be an interesting project for me to focus on. My Sons keep telling me I need to leave my comfort zones to come up with new art works, Im not quite sure this is what they meant, considering the extremes they go to to produce their art, but it’s a start.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKUUztrrPvE    (Mack)

http://www.seashepherdglobal.org/icefish/crew/sam-simon-crew/clancy-walker.html (Clancy)

here is the link to The Peaks Ride in August.


I am so lucky to have the support of my family and amazing friends with me on this crazy journey including Dave Groom and his wife Lara. Dave is my cycling buddy, who happens to be a landscape painter: http://www.davegroom.com/  (Yes we do talk about Art on our rides sometimes!) as well as my Sister who is one of my yoga teachers helping me maintain some softness physically and in camel pose, opening my chest and heart whilst facing challenges and not ‘armouring up’.  http://www.new.surfeasy.com.au/lessons/yoga-and-surfing/

My friends who are part of the support crew (you all know who you are) thanks again.

dave and bikes at the border gates

dave and bikes at the border gates


Mr Pink and Curves of a Naked Lady

Mr Pink and Curves of a Naked Lady


1/3 of the tri team Beechmont Babes

1/3 of the tri team Beechmont Babes


support crew

support crew

I finish this post now with the words of my undisputed favourite philosopher (though I know he would cringe at that title) Masanobo Fukuoka from his book ‘Sowing Seeds in the Desert’ (2012) who constnatly reminds me that life starts in the garden and ends in the garden and seeds are the future and the past and the present

‘I look forward to the day when there is no need for sacred scriptures or sutras. The dragonfly will be the messiah’

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One of my favourite garden treats is a Cape Gooseberry, Psysalis peruviana. It is part of the Nightshade family.

I go hunting often for it, looking for the ghostly pods, today I found some lying around in the freshly cleared vege patch. Before scoffing them all, like a vitamin c starved lunatic, I took some pics.

It is a beautiful plant. Skeletal in its decaying casing-it holds the seeds to new life within. The beginnings and the ends. all together. very clever and it’s yummy











by Geraldine Bigelow


“…..I move with the memory

of all I pass

the secret folds of middle earth

and run them through the field of Man

of great beast

and flirtatious bird

seeking out myself

I spray forth

taking the wind

and its chiming message

down to the pool of water

where all life has gathered.”



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