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blue moon


I’m enamoured with

work’s first smell

of warm buttered toast

scrambled eggs

hot coffee

and kindness



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may light

may light (photo by Monisha May)


The familiar constriction

of bang and violence

still surprises me

the downbeat of an airport drop off

In the emptiness that follows

I see through a corner of my eye

down the tunnel of warm milk

toast buttered to the edges

a fat, hot tear

I smell your absolute absence


Your Cousin’s borrowed memory

deserted, ruined Croft

rocky bay and black seals

the swirling, freezing North sea

Nova Scotia’s cold marble headstone

I feel the Gulf Stream rising in me

blood and longing

I hold this serpentine stone flat in my hand

and see you flicker

in my Son’s eyes

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Lamington World Heritage

Lamington World Heritage

For Mackie


Shine the lights on

the silver dollar tree

on that night

on that bend

in my car

the silver dollar tree


Standing out like a beacon

on my way home

a transition point

from my left to my right brain

way of seeing

after a PM shift


In my Nursie shoes

swish swish

slippy slap

in the halls

of a Nursing home

feeling contained


Silver Dollar Tree

I’m looking for you

every night on my way home now

looking for you shining

like a beacon

like a shining light


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