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I like this time of year, its a crossover time in seasons, all the chooks and ducks are laying, summer greens are still hanging on and winter veg going into the garden. Lots of parsley, coriander, lettuce, chard, chokos, beans, and chillies. yesterday i went on a hunt and found a heap of coriander that i blended up with limes and cracked some macadamias and a scotch bonnet chilli. Its a fab condiment and adds super green power to everything from rice to toast. I found warrigal greens and a couple of eggs. yum. Foraging and cooking really makes me happy.


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daily bread

now i have some extra time on my hands, i have been practising making some bread, i like knowing whats in my loaves, this one is made with yeast leavening and has garlic, basil and olives in it, proved twice while i watched the snake dropping off the gutter from my studio window! loaf baked for 40 or so mins and had with some butter bean dahl, toms and fresh basil. a tasty meal.

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pesto manifesto



in all this rain, its a good time to experiment with some cooking type activities. today was a pesto momento. with some local basil, i added some mint, and lemon balm, in this pic you can see chocolate mint, then add parmesan cheese, some garlic, olive oil and some nuts, you can try a combo of anything you might have like walnuts, maccas or the traditional type pine nut taste. here i’ve included some maccas that we grow here from a grand old tree. then wizz up in a blender or if you don’t have one, you can use a mortar and pestle, you may want to add some decent salt as well if you are the salty kind, i really like the ground up celtic salt. the result is a tangy lemony type treat, full of goodness and greenery to add to pasta, spread on toast with tomato, or lettuce or just a sneaky spoonful here and there.

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my birthday present from wendy

If you’re having trouble deciding what to give a friend for a birthday or christmas present, look no further than organic garlic, potato’s, sweet potato, or pumpkin seeds. staples of the garden and of a simple diet. here is some beautiful aussie garlic that has already started to grow on its own, so its headed straight to the garden.

I was recently reading Resurgence magazine and came across a great article written by Satish Kumar called ‘food, beautiful food’

‘faced with the huge challenges of our time, it is easy to feel frustrated, depressed and powerless: ” what can I do to address monumental crises such as climate change, consumerism, hunger and social injustice?”

“The answer is as simple as it is disconcerting,” said E.F Schumacher.”We can each of us work to put our own house in order.”

Kumar goes on to say ” putting our house in order starts with our dining table, our kitchen, our garden and our shopping. In other words, our food.”

“In order to achieve this, we have to start paying attention to the whole process of growing, distributing and eating food. However busy we may be, if we have no time for gardening, cooking and eating together with our family and friends and guests, then we have no time to live, no time to preserve the beauty of the planet.” (resurgence march/april 2010 p3)

andrew's dad's mandy's

Tasty Zests

My work mate Andrew recently bought some mandarin’s to share for smoko. His Dad planted the tree from some seeds he had bought up here from a favourite tree in Newcastle. apparently the tree is not grafted and his Dad grew trees from seeds on the kitchen windowsill.

Im excited. so I’m going to try the seeds and see what happens, not the standard way I thought a mandarin would grow…but hey, they tasted so good Im giving it a go. no rootstock, no grafting….nothing to lose

A little baba ganoushing

roasting eggplant

baba ganoush

So here is my world famous Baba Ganoush recipe…you need to roast carefully one eggplant over smouldering embers, you get that smoky flavour, until the eggplant splits and the juices start to run out. carefully peel the skin off, and mix it with the juice of one lemon, a fair spoonful of tahini and a clove of garlic and a pinch of good salt. voila, bet its the best you’ve had!

kiss me over the garden gate

My new body of work is all about Heirloom seeds. The type of seeds that grow and the go to seed and then grow again, true to type, for generations, you can hand them onto your children and they your grandchildren, they have no ‘terminator gene’ implanted in them and they often taste sensational and are a treat to all your senses.

as my main medium is photography I am aiming to educate through art the importance of these seeds and saving them and preserving the world’s biodiversity.

this image is taken in my garden and its title is:

‘kiss me over the garden gate’

stay posted for more images from the series coming very soon.

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just harvested grapefruit

not long now for some broadbeans

the last of the yellow zucchini

eden seeds green mix

just something random

herby salad

squeaky clean Triclosan

we walk on the outside, the inside, together, in a room full of swirling words. A room of sea foam and scuffed driftwood, we meet from brushbox, to Ironbark, kangaroo apple to casuarina. Whistle laughing wind, at the honeyed valley gorge, mountain flame tree red, white bird screeching. Crack the hard shell of the brown nut, white fleshy meat, words real and raw, hard and soft, here now, to timeless adaptations, and new ways of evolution. (c) calmackinnon

local local

A shopping trip yesterday for some rice and chickpeas, starting at mrs flannery’s. they had no rice! and the chickpeas were at least australian but they weren’t sure from where. tricky. when you start trying to find local stuff, its a lot harder than i thought. i think the best bet is really local farmers markets. i know we are too late for tomatoes and bottling them, so i have planted some pots in the upstairs room as its warm in winter and gets sun, fingers crossed there may be some toms for salad through winter.

the zucchini is in its last moments, they have been brilliant this summer and we made a yummy chutney, with the green zebra tomatoes, and stacks of coriander. Eden Seeds up here on Beechmont has a salad mix that  always provides the most interesting and colourful array of greens. waiting patiently for some broadbeans and the second planting of snow and sugar snap peas are just starting to pop up.

the herby salad is thrilling! there is a mushroom plant in the front yard that is really tasty, check em out if you haven’t already, some lemon balm, more cinnamon basil, mint, rocket and coriander. Last Mothers day, there was a festival called ‘Art in the olives’. a brilliant local day full of workshops and stalls. there was a couple there with infused australian olive oil, Coolana Olives is the name of the oil. we bought the chilli and lime variety and use it as a salad dressing with our limes. it is getting really cold at night now but the days are warm and clear.

close or close?

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