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red gifts

an extraordinary day, gifts of red scotch bonnet chillies from Skot our neighbour friend up here who came and helped me tame the pumpkin patch, a gift of strange red flowers from Carlo at Bunnings, whos parents bought these flower seeds out from Italy and the Tamarillo tree that sprung up all on its own in the garden. We have many pumpkins, anyone got some recipes? Great day, life is good

skot and the pumpkin booty

anyone got recipes?


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collins english dictionary: close 1.shut, 2. stop, 3. prevent access to, 4. come together


Warm hands

Cool hands

Sweaty hands

White collar hands

Sculptors’ hands

Soft hands

Please hold my hand

Film maker hands

Surfer hands

Healer hands

Your hands

My hands

Hands up

Hands down

Rooster no hands

your pinning finger



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things are a bit out of control in the garden with all the viney veges growing, i did a forage this morning and found a whole lot of cucumbers hanging around

wind pirates

It’s blasting 40 knots

the pirates on the wind

scatter and fly happily

up my nose


strange sneezes are part of my family genetics

my Grandmother could do up to 12 in a row

my Son does the same

me, I just scratch


There is more I wish to give my family

Something more than sneeze talent…

I need to curb the wind pirates and renegade bees

From cross pollinating one thing with the other


now I will tie the fertile flowers with string

Much like arranged marriages for fruit and veges

So I can hand down to my Sons

The tastiest true to type watermelons


I can possibly grow

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