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I am a carer, working in Aged Care. I work a lot in a closed Dementia unit. It is both beautiful and distressing all at the same time. As an artist I aim to bring communication in different formats to the discussion. I am most interested in discussing the social aspects of aged care, the effect Dementia has on the individual and family and friends.

‘Haiku from Headquarters’ is a suite of work I have compiled to bring a greater understanding to dementia, it’s beauty and challenges. I have included a link here to Altziemers Australia.

There is always a risk that works may seem patronising or diminishing, but I assure you this series has been made with thought and love.

I have pictorially represented the Haiku, to add to the feelings of disconnection experienced by the person living with Dementia, of their family.



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boundariesI have always thought gardening was a great metaphor for life. Today I have been digging boundaries, to stop invasive’s entering growing spaces.

I think it is very healthy to have boundaries, if anyone tries to control, blame or manipulate, that little earth trench is there to nip it in the bud. It does however require regular maintenance.

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