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tea rose

tea rose



when it all falls away

all that’s left

is the beauty

of empty space

and the luxury

of thin air



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the future?

the future?

for Dimity



I’m making friends

with the weeds

I spy you hiding, Billy goat weed

in your tomato suit


Dead heads snapped at the neck

and piled in a heap

lantana heading upwards

over the top of the shed


Green chickweed

colonizing the rose garden

with the wandering dew

and the Singapore daisy


I hear dandelions are tasty

roasted root as coffee

leaves tender

flowers in salads


If I were a weed

I would choose to be

a cobblers peg

friendly, transportable, adaptable


Farmers friends

sticky beaks

effective, efficient, annoying



love the weeds

for they may be our future

as the golf courses dry up

and the wells run dry


Sticky beak salads

may be the next gourmet item

and the best harvests may be coming from

in between the rows


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One of my favourite garden treats is a Cape Gooseberry, Psysalis peruviana. It is part of the Nightshade family.

I go hunting often for it, looking for the ghostly pods, today I found some lying around in the freshly cleared vege patch. Before scoffing them all, like a vitamin c starved lunatic, I took some pics.

It is a beautiful plant. Skeletal in its decaying casing-it holds the seeds to new life within. The beginnings and the ends. all together. very clever and it’s yummy











by Geraldine Bigelow


“…..I move with the memory

of all I pass

the secret folds of middle earth

and run them through the field of Man

of great beast

and flirtatious bird

seeking out myself

I spray forth

taking the wind

and its chiming message

down to the pool of water

where all life has gathered.”



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I am a carer, working in Aged Care. I work a lot in a closed Dementia unit. It is both beautiful and distressing all at the same time. As an artist I aim to bring communication in different formats to the discussion. I am most interested in discussing the social aspects of aged care, the effect Dementia has on the individual and family and friends.

‘Haiku from Headquarters’ is a suite of work I have compiled to bring a greater understanding to dementia, it’s beauty and challenges. I have included a link here to Altziemers Australia.

There is always a risk that works may seem patronising or diminishing, but I assure you this series has been made with thought and love.

I have pictorially represented the Haiku, to add to the feelings of disconnection experienced by the person living with Dementia, of their family.


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